Can Data Science be the CURE of Mankind

Presume we have millions getting hospitalized in seconds and many give up their lives because of ignorance.

Can DATA SCIENCE be used to wade off this IGNORANCE completely?

In the era when we have genome project ongoing I believe having all information’s handy being so surplus “coming under the purview of Big Data” can we use data science to help PREDICT who next to be hospitalized well ahead of time rather than waiting for the symptoms to popup and we take some irrelevant pills to waive off those symptoms.

While working at my phd problem statement , I  got stumbled over this idea what I have disclosed for an open discussion struck by how the supervised machine learning techniques that industries  used can be restructured to suit to help predict the next person in our neighborhood  to be hospitalized and the hospital get an alarm call and then the concerned person is diagonozed and treated in its preliminary stage itself rather than waiting and advancing it to NEVER COME BACK stage.

Supervised machine learning helps with prediction of Y if given X.say we have a situation of Y=MX+C is the  condition of disease element in our body.If both Y and X are known data science help mankind to identify those m and c which could curb the growth of X and Y. say in the case of cancer cell being X and Y parameters and we wanted to curb the growth we need to find values of m and x which could stabilize and neutralize the effects. 

Our problem statement can be cornered to  build a model and then the remaining data is used to assess how well the model works to curb the unwanted cell growth.

I don’t know the consequences of making open once genetic information’s but when its a case of live saving i thinks its not unethical.


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