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Will the glory of Data Science wither away in the years to go?

Well in my perspective i have notion that since earth evolved say for simplicity since man evolved we had data scientist.say with enumerable foods either consumable non consumable around us we have messed up our lives giving up lives and then filtered out what is best for human.With no information of what is good and bad we evolved a methodology to identify which was good for mankind and which was not. isnt GREAT .our ancestors were the best DATA SCIENTIST to help us survive in this universe.

So since time immemorial we had morphological changes. Hitting my target,say in the realm of computer science we call them expert systems to Data scientist in today’s world.So the role remains the same but what changes is JUST nomenclature and i would say in years to go Data scientist may be known by a different name but the science remains the same,the methodologies remains the same to identify and flush out irrelevant and deliver the best with the limited information in hand.

NOW what is left is to identify will there be morphological changes to our data science to happen or just a nomenclature change.It a wait and watch scenario.