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The 5 Reasons to Use Data Observability to Reduce Confluent Cloud Kafka Costs

Kafka started as open-source software installed on a server. Complex and highly-configurable, early Kafka adopters learned first-hand how difficult, time-consuming and expensive managing Kafka clusters could be. Those staying with on-premises Kafka are adopting solutions such as data observability platforms to empower them with automated visibility and control over their environments.

Lubań, Poland – July 2, 2021: Different types of Rubik’s cube o

The Similarities of Solving Data Problems and Rubik’s Cubes

In 1974, two distinct but interestingly similar milestones were achieved that would greatly affect the lives of data engineers: the Rubik’s Cube was invented, and IBM released the first relational database. Since its original rise in the 1980s, the Rubik’s Cube has become the world’s most popular puzzle toy.

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