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What Are The Top Educational Technology Trends?

  • JamesSmith74 


Mobile applications prove helpful to users and are work as great promotion tools too! Along with that, they increase engagement, enable people to learn in different ways and also generate a new and more widened user base! This is applicable to all kinds of applications! Something to learn from€¦

We are witnessing an era in which technology has seeped into education and renewed its whole teaching and process €“ especially eLearning. It is an educational tool that has not only increased the accessibility and convenience of education but has also changed the learning behaviours and learners€™ desire to learn anything!

Learning is a constant process, it never ends. So, for today€™s blog I thought to myself€¦ why not focus on educational tech trends?!
Technological advancements have not left a single domain untouched. They are helping everybody to educate themselves, be socially relevant and simply have fun €“ all of this with the help of smart devices!!

The awe-inspiring and interesting trends!!

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    AI is the not technically a new thing, but has got people raving all over! It has been predicted that through the year 2021, it can become one of the primary trends and can grow by more than 45%!! Though already an awesome technology, let us try and understand why it has been trending in the EdTech market€¦
    Artificial Intelligence has the capability to automate basic activities in education €“ grading, for instance. This imparts speed to the teaching process and checking assignments, etc.

    Thus, this technology benefits learners and educators both from AI. Helping students and approaching tutors both become possible! Therefore, it is not too far fetched of an idea that AI is a powerful teaching assistant.

  • Immersive learning
    There exists no domain that has been left untouched by tech-advancements. AR and VR are another pair of amazing technologies that offer immersive experiences and they find a huge fan-base in the education sector too. Digital content, online assessments, smart classes are slowly transforming the education sector, for better.

    Incorporating new and wonderful technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality can work wonders €“ for both, students and teachers. Teachers can teach in a more interactive and interesting manner. The students can learn more efficiently and efficaciously.

    Mind you, AR and VR can be implemented at all levels, from elementary to higher and then research studies. They ensure faster learning, provide better outcomes to learners, fuel vocational training, etc. Thus, it wouldn€™t be wrong to claim that these techs can have a wonderfully meaningful impact on students at all levels.

  • E-Learning
    It is a system, that is based on formalised teaching with help of electronic resources. The use of the internet, computer, digital devices, etc. is a major component of e-learning. It is also known as m-learning (mobile-learning).

    Distance learners also use such technologies and this (also) falls under the ambit of e-learning. It involves educational apps, podcasts, educational blogs, online teaching platforms, etc. They facilitate and ensure that users learn better. They also offer support in an engaging, interesting and simple way!

    With eLearning, educational content is delivered to learners through computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This is not only saving time but opening many doors for interactive learning. Rather than being in a passive experience, learners can choose what they need to learn quickly and easily, wherever they are.

To sum things up€¦.

Technologies that help in educating, are a boon! They benefit all three stakeholders €“ business owners, students and educators. The latter two, get a platform to learn and teach, respectively.

They allow students in particular and learners in general, to learn online and reap the benefits of this process. What is better than an option that has the potential to be a top-notch business idea, along with being highly helpful, right?!

Do you have any thought or thoughts on similar lines? Then, don€™t sit on it any longer and move ahead with educational technology trends in 2021-2022!

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