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Top 30 Data Science Articles of the Year

As we approach 2017, we have compiled a list of the most popular data science, machine learning, deep learning and related articles published on DSC in 2016. Many great articles have not been included yet as they are very recent, but I have no doubt that they will make it to the top when we will publish our 2017 selection. Also, click here to check out the best articles of 2015.

Top 30 articles

  1. 12 Algorithms Every Data Scientist Should Know 
  2. 40 Techniques Used by Data Scientists 
  3. 15 Deep Learning Libraries 
  4. Data scientist paid $500k can barely code! 
  5. The New Rules for Becoming a Data Scientist 
  6. Learning R in Seven Simple Steps 
  7. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Science, Machine Learning, R, Python 
  8. 24 Uses of Statistical Modeling (Part I) 
  9. The Death of the Statistical Tests of Hypotheses 
  10. 11 Important Model Evaluation Techniques Everyone Should Know 
  11. 48 Questions to Ask to a Potential Data Scientist Hire 
  12. What pays most: R, Python, or SQL? 
  13. 33 unusual problems that can be solved with data science 
  14. 5 Excel Add Ins Every Data Scientist Should Install 
  15. 5 Free Data Science eBooks For Your Summer Reading List 
  16. Java versus Python 
  17. A Complete Tutorial to Learn Data Science with Python from Scratch 
  18. 12 Python Resources for Data Science 
  19. What statisticians think about data scientists 
  20. The Guide to Learning Python for Data Science 
  21. How Bayesian Inference Works 
  22. A Cheat Sheet on Probability 
  23. Write Code to Rewrite Your Code: jscodeshift 
  24. Top 20 Big Data Experts to Follow (Includes Scoring Algorithm) 
  25. 10 Deep Learning Terms Explained in Simple English 
  26. Scikit-Learn Tutorial Series 
  27. Top 10 IPython Tutorials for Data Science and Machine Learning 
  28. Implementation of 17 classification algorithms in R 
  29. Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms 


Top DSC Resources

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