Editorial Guidelines

Dear DSC Member,

Thank you for participating within our community and for your interest in providing valuable content to the members and readers of Data Science Central (DSC). We do have some guidelines for blogging and posting within the forums on DSC. Upon compliance, we are very happy to approve your post(s).

All posts from non-DSC staff must follow these requirements:

  1. Must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs and approximately 350 or more words in length and constitute the entire article.
  2. There can only be ONE link at the very end for a “click here" to view original article.
  3. Content cannot be self-promotion for another blog, product or service.
  4. Content must be appropriate and relevant to Practicing Data Scientist / Big Data Practitioners.
  5. Images used must also be appropriate to the text and non-offensive and of a quality level representative of DSC.
  6. Cross Posting the same content within multiple DSC Channels may not be done.
  7. Posts can not be used to promote: events, webinars, roadshows, etc. 
  8. Posts can not be self-promotional for any individual or provide a link to a CV/Resume or Job Offer. Please use AnalyticTalent Job Site for such placements.
  9. Guest Bloggers must provide one blog per month that DOES NOT link back to another site or main source. 
  10. Posts can be controversial yet CANNOT be offensive.

Also, please read our Terms of Service (regarding copyrights) before posting. 

Thank you again for being a participating member of the DSC Family.


The DSC Team

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