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Data Management as a Business Discipline – Part 2: Theorems and Principles

  • Bill Schmarzo 

In the blog “Why Data Management is Today’s Most Important Business Discipline”, I challenged the business and IT communities to reframe the data management conversation; to transform data management from an IT practice into a business discipline focused on leveraging data (and analytics) to deliver business and operational outcomes.

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An Overview of Data Analytics in Investment Banking

  • KathieAdams 

In this article, let’s discuss how data analysis in investment banking is transforming the way investment banks work, the challenges that they get when engaging in this transformation process, use cases, and more.

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Project Management Data Analytics: Benefits and Practices

Advanced data analytics is a driving power nowadays, covering various human activities and giving businesses worthy insights. Having enough analytical data about your enterprise, employees’ and customers’ satisfaction, finances, and more, project managers can contribute significantly to decision-making, business growth, and overall business prosperity.

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