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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Software Developer?

  • Edward Nick 

How much will it cost to hire a custom software development company or an app developer in 2022? If this question strikes your mind, you’re at the right place. 

With the increasing trend of digitization, many businesses are paving the way to bring digital transformation to their operations. However, they remain confused about evaluating the cost of hiring a Chicago custom software development company or an app developer. 

The reasons might be the lack of clarity about the project objectives and requirements. But that’s essential to decide whether they want to build an app from scratch or renew the existing one, and what features they need to include. 

With that being said, having a skilled app developer or an experienced custom software development company is important to turn your idea into reality. In this blog, we will provide you with complete details on hiring a custom software development company. 

Let’s dig deeper!

The Importance & Impact of Acquiring Custom Software Development Services

To become a part of this thriving industry, businesses are opting to transform their operations digitally. However, getting an app developed is always a challenging job. 

That’s when you need to hire an app developer. If you’re in a dilemma whether to hire an in-house app developer or outsource to a custom software development team, we can help you make the right choice.

Since the major choice depends upon the cost analysis, let’s understand the hiring models in both approaches. 

Hiring An In-House Team vs Outsourcing to Custom Software Development Company

Let’s say you decide to hire an in-house app developers team. In that case, you will have to give them fixed salaries, design an office infrastructure, bear the office expenses, and more.

On the other hand, outsourcing the app development services to some experienced and result-driven local custom software development company will be way more cost-effective. It will also ensure a faster turnaround time and help you get an edge over the competitors. You just have to pay once and you will have a team of designers, developers, QA analysts, project managers, etc.

Before you make your choice, make sure to analyze all the benefits of offshore software development“, and the company that provides this type of service.

5 Factors Influencing the Cost of Outsourcing Custom Software Development Services.

Let’s dive in to understand how these factors affect the hourly cost of the developers!

1. Skills & Experience 

When it comes to developing an app, experience along with qualifications and skills matters the most. The more skills and experience they have, the higher the cost would be. If you are trying to hire a custom software development team to cover multiple stages of app development, you can sit back and relax as they have the best team and experts to work on it. 

2. Expertise

Any custom software development company can offer you the chance to recruit professionals of different seniority levels. But their expertise in leading technologies can make a huge difference. So, it’s important to understand how complex your project is and what kind of expertise you want to turn it into quite impressive software. 

3. Location of App Developers

The app developers’ hourly rate varies from country to country as it includes taxation and subsistence level. If you pay attention to these stats, you will know that hiring developers native to the USA will be a costly affair whereas Indian companies will have the most competitive rates.

All you need to do is understand your needs and hire whoever fits your criteria.

4. Project Complexity

The more complex your project, the higher the rates of development. It all depends on the project ideation, design, integration, features, and functionalities.  

Let’s also analyze how much time the developers will take to build as it will also affect the cost.

5. Technologies

Before hiring an app developer or software development agency, decide whether you want to build a native app or a cross-platform application. Both operating platforms will have separate costs as per the work effort and technologies used in it.


When you know how much it costs to hire an app developer, it’s time to consider the other factors of your app including the features and functionalities you require.

However, hiring an agency like Cloudester will streamline the entire process from strategy mapping to scope defining, market analysis, and everything. For more queries, you can connect with us here.