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Generative AI megatrends: Gen AI start-up ecosystem

  • ajitjaokar 
Robot hands point to laptop button advisor chatbot robotic artificial intelligence concept. Generative Ai

One of my students asked me:

“Which is the best area/s for Gen AI start-ups?”

This is not an easy question – mainly due to the dynamic nature of AI, but here are two reference points.

The first is a Generative AI Tools Landscape from DataCamp. This gives both the categories and the subcategories for focus areas in Gen AI. One could argue that is is a list of Gen AI tools (and hence not applications) – but still its a good list

The second reference point is CB insights below which shows that a majority of the investment is going to AI assistants – as an application category –  which I would also broadly agree.

Generative AI megatrends: Gen AI start-up ecosystem

In any case, this is a rapidly moving space – so we need to watch this space! 

Text Applications


  • Search: Internet
  • Search: Enterprise, Sales, Marketing & Accounting
  • Search: Jobs
  • Search: Books, Images, Podcasts, Videos, & TV
  • Search: Research
  • Search: Programming/Software Development


  • Sales & Marketing Copy Generation
  • Email Generation
  • Other Copy Generation
  • Note-Taking & Document Summarization
  • Writing Assistance & Translation

Image Applications

2D Image Generation

  • Web Design, Color Palette Generation
  • Image Editing, Enhancement & Style Transfer
  • Ad Generation
  • Presentations/Slide Generation
  • 3D Image Generation

Digital People Generation

Video Applications

  • Video Generation From Text
  • Video Editing
  • Video Personalization & Derivative Content Generation
  • Audio Applications

Music Generation

Text to Speech

Speech to Text (Transcription)

  • Transcription: General
  • Transcription: Note Taking
  • Transcription: Subtitle Generation
  • Transcription: Podcasts
  • Transcription: APIs
  • Transcription: Other


  • Music Editing & Processing
  • Speech Editing & Processing

Coding Applications

  • Website Generation from Text
  • Website Generation from Figma Designs
  • Website Personalization & Optimization
  • Code Generation/Completion

Code Analysis & DevOps Intelligence

Documentation Generation

Data Applications

  • Automated Analysis & Insights
  • Machine Learning & DataOps
  • Synthetic Training Data Generation


  • Chatbots
  • Personal Assistants & AI Agents

Other Applications

  • Gaming
  • Drug Development
  • Language Learning
  • Miscellaneous