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DSC Weekly 3 October 2023


  • End-user computing must now account for the millions of workforces that have transitioned to hybrid and remote models. Virtual workspace models such as DaaS and VDI allow users to access virtual desktops to help streamline their workflow and minimize the burden on IT staff. However, companies must consider cost, scalability and management when deploying a virtual workspace, as well as security strategies to ensure workers are protected and able to remain productive. Join the Next-Generation End User Computing summit to discover how to best implement and manage hosted and virtual workspaces including DaaS and VDI.
  • To truly utilize the capabilities of the cloud, enterprises must implement a cloud-like experience for their on-premises data centers and improve their public cloud connections. This means that the future of the data center looks quite different from the present. Enterprises in the midst of modernizing their application infrastructure and migrating to the cloud are increasingly realizing they also need a cloud-like experience for on-premises data centers. To learn more about how to improve public cloud connectivity, attend the Updating the Enterprise Data Center online summit to gain access to live webinars and fireside chats from the world’s leading innovators, vendors and evangelists.

Top Stories

  • Generative AI megatrends: How many LLMs would you subscribe to?
    October 3, 2023
    by Ajit Jaokar
    I recently subscribed to openAI GPT4 for the OpenAI Code Interpreter/Advanced data analytics. We are using it in our class at the University of Oxford.  Its really cool and we are also waiting the multimodal openAI features.
  • Entity Language Models: Monetizing Language Models – Part 2
    October 1, 2023
    by Bill Schmarzo
    We must move beyond just taming…to monetizing Language Models! In part 1 of this series on Small Language Models (“Use Case Language Models: Taming the LLM Beast – Part 1”), I explored the business and operational value of Use Case-specific Small Language Models (Use Case Language Models).
  • Doing graph + tabular analytics directly on modern data lakes
    September 26, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    A podcast with Weimo Liu and Sam Magnus of PuppyGraph Open source Apache Iceberg, Hudi and Delta Lake have made it possible to dispense with the complexities and duplication of data warehousing. Instead of requiring time-consuming extract, transform and load (ETL) procedures, these large table formats make it simple to tap S3 and other repositories.


  • Generative AI Megatrends: ChatGPT can see, hear and speak – but what does it mean when chatGPT can think?
    October 3, 2023
    by Ajit Jaokar
    One of the most impressive generative AI applications I have seen is viperGPT. The image / site explains it best. The steps are: This example, earlier this year, showed the potential of multimodal LLMs And as of last week, that future is upon us ChatGPT can now see, hear & speak.
  • Cracking the code: The rising demand for data scientists in various industries
    October 3, 2023
    by Erika Balla
    In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital era, the relentless quest for deriving actionable insights from a sea of information has become the cornerstone of innovation and strategy. As businesses and organizations strive to navigate the complex corridors of big data, the spotlight invariably falls upon the expertise of data scientists.
  • A few highlights of the Efficient Generative AI Summit (EGAIS)
    October 3, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    Large language models (LLMs) for generating text and vision models for generating images are notoriously inefficient. The larger they get, the more power hungry they become.   Kisaco Research in September hosted a one-day event in Santa Clara dedicated to the topic of generative artificial intelligence (GAI) efficiency, followed by a three-day Summit.
  • How will the Big Data market evolve in the future?
    September 28, 2023
    by Rytis Ulys
    Big data has been around for some time now, becoming a more or less common concept in business. However, recent developments in AI technology have shaken up an already volatile field, inviting us to reconsider our projections of how the big data market will look in the future.
  • DSC Weekly 26 September 2023
    September 26, 2023
    by Scott Thompson
    Read more of the top articles from the Data Science Central community.
  • In fraud detection for e-commerce: How does anomaly detection fit in and what are the key approaches?
    September 25, 2023
    by John Lee
    E-commerce has improved technology and convenience for consumers globally. Fraud is a problem in e-commerce. Merchants and platforms fight fraud to protect their businesses and customers. Anomaly detection is a powerful tool for identifying irregular patterns and potential fraud.