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Flexible Engagement Model to Hire Full-Stack Developers: A 2023 Guide

  • Vikas Agarwal 

The demand for web and app development is rising as there are significant improvements in the field of technology every year. More and more people are establishing careers in the field of development as a result of advancements in technologies and frameworks. As a result, the data from Statista says that by 2024, there will be 28.7 million developers worldwide, an increase of 3.2 million from the figure recorded in 2020. These 28.7 million developers will include teams of software developers, web developers, full-stack developers, game developers, UX/UI designers, testers, back-end developers, etc. The most recent statistics show, however, that there is a global scarcity of qualified developers. 
Even after the recent studies show the increase in number of developers, however, that there is a global scarcity of qualified developers is still being observed. In the future, it’s probably going to rise even further. By 2030, there will likely be an 85.2-million-person talent gap in the world. Consequently, it will be challenging for you to assemble an internal development team. That is precisely the reason you need to hire full stack developer. 
Amongst others, Full-stack developers are the most sought-after coding positions, but do you have answers to these questions- what they do and why are they so much in-demand? How to hire dedicated full stack developers? Which type of engagement models are available for hiring full stack developers? Let’s study these topics in detail.

Who Are Full Stack Developers?

Full stack developers are the ones who develop both the frontend and backend of a website or an application. Basically, a full stack developer is involved in the development from the scratch to the end of the project while assuring its effectiveness, dependability, and other important characteristics. They are familiar with software development methodologies, contemporary ideas, and fully functional web and mobile applications. They have vast knowledge about server, network, and hosting setups as well as frontend and backend languages and frameworks. 

What Does a Full Stack Developer Do?

Full Stack Developers with knowledge of a wide range of coding specialties, from databases to graphic design and UI/UX management act as a mediator available to help whenever it is needed. 

  • Assists with software development, testing and fixes bugs.  
  • Code composition for the software’s front and back ends 
  • Designs user interfaces 
  • Servers and databases for the software’s back end is constructed by them 
  • Optimizing and ensuring cross-platform compatibility 
  • Application testing and maintenance 
  • Creating RESTful services and APIs 
  • While developing, they take an account of security, upkeep, scalability, and other factors

Why Are Full Stack Developers so much in demand? 

Full stack developers are in high demand because they have a diverse set of skills and can work on all parts of a web application development project. One of the main reasons for the high demand for full stack developers is the growing complexity of website and application development. As development has become more feature-rich and sophisticated, there is a need for developers who have a broad range of skills and can work on all parts of the development process. Full stack developers are well-equipped to take on these challenges because they have a deep understanding of both the front-end and back-end aspects of web development. 

Another reason for the high demand for full stack developers is the increasing importance of agile development methodologies. Agile development emphasizes flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing requirements, and full stack developers are well-suited to this approach because they have a broad range of skills and can easily switch between different parts of the development process.

How to Hire Dedicated Full Stack Developer?

If you have decided to Hire dedicated full stack developers, then hiring them from a software development outsourcing companies will be the best option.  
Follow these steps before hiring a developer from an outsourcing company.  

Step 1: Define your requirements: Before you start looking for a full stack developer, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you need from them. This includes the specific skills and experience you’re looking for, as well as the type of projects they will be working on. Be sure to include any necessary technical skills and experience, as well as any non-technical skills such as communication and problem-solving. 

Step 2: Conduct interviews: Once you have shared about your requirements with an outsourcing company, and after they have shortlisted candidates, you can conduct interviews to assess their fit for the role. This can include technical interviews to assess their skills and experience, as well as non-technical interviews to assess their fit for your team. 

Step 3: Make an offer: Once you have found the right candidate, you can make them an offer and begin the onboarding process. Be sure to clearly outline the terms of the offer, including NDA, benefits, and any other terms of employment. 

Overall, hiring a dedicated full stack developer requires a mix of technical and non-technical skills, as well as a clear understanding of your requirements and the type of projects they will be working on. By following these steps, you can find a skilled full stack developer who is a good fit for your project. The hired ones will have the ability to assist or even take ownership of the design structure and implementation of the entire website or application, as well as they have varied to work on several programming languages or database management systems.

Different Flexible Engagement Models Through Which You Can Hire Full Stack Developers: 

Now that you understand why you need a full stack developer and how to get one, let’s look at 3 engagement models that outsourcing companies typically provide. This will assist you in selecting the best model for your project’s requirements. 

  1. A client takes the sole rights from hiring a developer to team’s routine schedule directly from a company. This offers a better transparency and team communication. The payment terms and NDA will be pre decided.  
  1. One can hire dedicated full stack developer on hourly, monthly or part-time basis based on project requirements. This model will help to get a task completion done by an expert cost effectively at the allotted time duration. 
  1. You can also opt for a full stack development company that provides its team for working on your project. This will solve the regular task allocation and monitoring of ongoing tasks.  By doing this, you can have a time to work on other projects and side by side your allocated project to an outsourcing company will be taken care of. 

After reviewing the flexible engagement models thoroughly, you can approach a full stack development company with your requirements. Your clarity about the business requirements will help you to achieve productive results. Your choice of service provider and hiring location also play a very important consideration. Most significantly, the type of budget you’ll require for the project will probably depend on your engagement model, so choose wisely.