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DSC Weekly 22 August 2023


  • Organizations have been ramping up their cloud adoption and expanding their digital infrastructures, but often without much concern for the environmental impact of these operations. Balancing the need for substantial data infrastructure with more eco-friendly policies should be top of all organizational to-do lists, and creating a specific data center decarbonization strategy will be key. This will range from improving the visibility and measurement of power usage, to actually reducing the carbon footprint of each operational layer. In the upcoming webinar Decarbonizing the Data Center: Making Data Modernization More Sustainable, panelists from Cisco and Hitachi Vantara will discuss the changing attitude to data center sustainability and cloud carbon emissions, the importance of understanding your energy consumption baseline, and much more.
  • Managing the supply chain is exceedingly difficult with global conflicts and market ups and downs interfering with companies’ ability to timely deliver and fulfil orders. Tune into the Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges summit to hear leading experts discuss emerging technologies to help protect and streamline supply chain management along with strategies and tools to secure the supply chain against the many cyber threats it faces. Register for free and gain access to live webinars, fireside chats and keynote presentations from the world’s leading supply chain innovators, vendors and evangelists.

Top Stories

  • How organizations can prepare for rogue AI
    August 22, 2023
    by Ari Kamlani
    Rogue AI, or an autonomous artificial intelligence system that commits potentially dangerous acts, may take many forms and can bring with it varying levels of severity, threats, or harm.
  • Beyond data science: A knowledge foundation for the AI-ready enterprise
    August 21, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    Data science was a vaguely defined discipline to begin with, but it’s shaped up substantially lately. Execs now yearn to take immediate advantage of generative and other clearly useful (if currently problematic) kinds of AI. 
  • Data-driven solutions to creating a net-zero office space
    August 15, 2023
    by Jane Marsh
    A net-zero office space produces emissions equal to or less than the amount it removes from the atmosphere. Options for achieving that goal include using renewable energy and reducing waste. Data-driven actions can help decision-makers reach their net-zero goals.


  • Top 4 generative AI benefits for business
    August 22, 2023
    by Yana Ihnatchyck
    In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, generative AI emerges as a beacon of transformative potential. While AI’s capabilities in automation, recommendation, and prediction have been widely acknowledged, its generative functions have opened new horizons for businesses globally.
  • The use of Big Data Analytics for better growth and innovation
    August 22, 2023
    by ManojKumar847
    Innovations in technology are changing the rules when it considers the use of big data and analytics for better growth. Advanced software systems are highly decreasing analytics time, hence offering companies the potential for making quick decisions that will help in boosting revenue, mitigating costs and stimulating growth. 
  • Modern data quality management
    August 22, 2023
    by Edwin Walker
    Modern Data Quality refers to the process of ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, consistent, and up-to-date in today’s data-driven environment. It involves implementing advanced technologies and methodologies to maintain high-quality data that meets the needs of various data-driven applications and analytics.
  • The relationship between Big Data and AI
    August 22, 2023
    by Kent State CoBA
    Big data and artificial intelligence are able to collaborate to help organizations reap a variety of benefits. Since AI requires large amounts of data in order to learn and make decisions, it is able to utilize big data as a source of raw material.
  • The impacts of quantum computing on the future of data science
    August 21, 2023
    by John Lee
    Key takeaways In an era marked by exponential technological advancements, the convergence of quantum computing and data science is a pivotal point of transformation. The synergy between these two fields promises to revolutionize how we process, analyze, and extract insights from massive datasets.
  • Integrating GenAI into “Thinking Like a Data Scientist” Methodology – Part II
    August 20, 2023
    by Bill Schmarzo
    My journey continues as I integrate a GenAI tool (Bing AI) with my Thinking Like a Data Scientist (TLADS) methodology. In part 1 of this series, I used Bing AI to validate, augment, and enhance the first three steps in the TLADS methodology.
  • DSC Weekly 15 August 2023
    August 15, 2023
    by Scott Thompson
    Read more of the top articles from the Data Science Central community.
  • Understand the ACID and BASE in modern data engineering
    August 15, 2023
    by Shanthababu Pandian
    Dear Data Engineers, this article is a very interesting topic. Let me give some flashback; a few years ago, someone in the discussion coined the new word how ACID and BASE properties of DATA. Suddenly drop silence in the room.