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DSC Webinar Series: Turning Obstacles into Advantages: Solutions for Visual Data Mining and Predictive Analytics 12.10.2013

  • Sean Welch 

The explosion of new data sources enables companies to gain insights that were not previously available, but with these new opportunities also come new challenges like resource scarcity and Big Data integration. Companies are turning to advanced analytics and innovative new technologies to answer critical customer-centric questions faster than the competition. But resources, especially Data Scientists and Hadoop experts are rare. BIRT Analytics, Actuate’s predictive analytics and visual data mining solution, helps business users rapidly uncover these insights and effectively build a customer-centric strategy with advanced, easy-to-use analytics.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
• Create sustainable business growth by uncovering revenue-generating customer opportunities
• Leverage exploratory, descriptive, and predictive analytical and statistical techniques to drive customer-focused strategies
• Drill down into data to identify patterns and hidden relationships, profile top buyers and accurately forecast trends and profits
• Arm business users with information to make decisions without burdening the data scientist, nor interrupting IT in its core competencies