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DSC Webinar Series: How Bank of America Uses Data Prep for Faster Reporting

  • Sean Welch 

Knowledge workers typically a) get information b) perform logic on that information and c) finally reach a conclusion and can take action. The time to just clean and prepare data for analysis can cause significant bottlenecks and delay the ability to take any action. Automating these series of tasks, mechanizes repetitive and manual tasks. This frees up knowledge workers to focus on more value-added activities. A series of lessons will be shared with a case study from the banking trenches on how to leverage data wrangling to help automate these series of tasks on a use case within Risk Management and reduce a 10,000 hour regulatory process down to 10 hours.

In this latest Data Science webinar you will learn:

How manual and repetitive tasks are costing organizations trillions of dollars in non-productive work
Understand how to drive adoption of new technologies within your organization
How assembly line thinking has led to mistakes in the way we approach data pipelines
Salah Khawaja, Managing Director,
Automation Global Risk – Bank of America
Raj Anand, Sr. Vice President,
Automation Global Risk – Bank of America
Will Davis, Head of Marketing – Trifacta

Hosted by:
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director – Data Science Central