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Data Scientists against Disease – new LinkedIn group & GitHub

#Coronavirus: The world sees a new disease which might become a global pandemic. It depends on how we act now.

But how should we act? Maybe #Datascience can help. But we data scientists have not enough data.

All I found is data about the spread per country/region (see my links in the group); I have not found cases, not found details. Let’s unite and make this an effort where we can help the world against a big threat!

  • Who knows other data sources? Please post them!
  • Who can extend the data given? Day-of-week, regional weather, …
  • Have you worked on the data? Please post your discoveries, so that others can build on what you found! (Eamonn from the group has installed a GitHub Org now)
  • Who has access to government and can ask them to make data available? I am sure there is more data, and if cases are anonymized, public interest should allow case-data to be provided.

Yes, there will be scientists in China and elsewhere already working on it. Still: more brains, better chances. And maybe it is just _your_ contribution that saves the world?

Data Scientists against Disease

PS: Some people have added links to additional data meanwhile, thank you 🙂


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