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Data Science

This rubric covers the use of statistical tools working on large datasets to create models and derive inferences, as well as coverage of the field in its entirety. This differs from machine learning primarily in that the latter focuses on functional gradient analysis or neural networks (kernels) to derive models.

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Cloud Computing Services, Features and Benefits

  • Dinesh B 

Cloud computing services have grown in popularity significantly over the years. Many sectors are moving to cloud computing services for business operations. Cloud computing enables businesses to store, manage, and process essential data using remote servers hosted on the internet.

Influencer marketing concept. Business, Technology, Internet and network concept.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Datasets

  • Roger Brown 

Several hundreds of thousands of raw data files are uploaded by users every day to social media sites. Online user data provides access to an enormous amount of information regarding products, services, places, and events, which makes it suitable for sentiment analysis. Valuable information can be extracted by analyzing the sentiment of the data.

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Challenges to Successful AI Implementation in Healthcare 

  • Roger Brown 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have received widespread interest in recent years due to their potential to set new paradigms in healthcare delivery. It is being said that machine learning will transform many aspects of healthcare delivery, and radiology & pathology are among the specialties set to be among the first to take advantage of this technology. 

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