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Data Trends

This topic identifies multiple trends within business, technology, or society that have an impact upon data science.

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The Studio Model Revisited

  • Kurt Cagle 

On the other hand, studios produced a different kind of product – entertainment. Superficially, the studio model looks more agile than either the factory floor or the corporate floor, with a certain degree of experimentation and iteration, especially early on in the process. Yet there are critical differences as well.

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Lack of Trust Continues to Erode Blockchain Adoption

  • Nikita Godse 

Blockchain technology has outgrown from being distributed ledger in financial applications to peer‐to‐peer networks that hold tremendous value in any industry and sector. Bewildering as the growth has been, organizations are engineering their blockchain.


What’s Data-Centric Architecture?

  • Alan Morrison 

Data-centric architecture revisits architecture and turns that architecture on its head. Ever since the dawn of client-server computing, applications have been the focus of enterprise IT buyers.

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Fractals and Economy

  • Osama Rizvi 

Fractals are all around us. Nature has used them in its design. One can see fractal patterns in trees, coastlines, mountains, snowflakes, hurricanes, and neurons. They are essentially never-ending patterns. They are a paradox as they nature is highly complex yet they are created by a simple process.

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