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Paul Cawthon

Paul has been passionate about content writing since 2010. During his career he has managed to accumulate a lot of experience in covering various fields, while focusing on cyber security and technical writing. Paul has always been fond of technology and the digital world, thus, conducting in-depth research and learning what’s happening around is a major part of his everyday life. Currently, he is a content director at Incogniton, where he enjoys helping the staff to better their skills and come up with catchy and useful content for the audience.

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Cybercrime after COVID-19

  • Paul Cawthon 

The COVID-19 pandemic remains fresh in our memories as it affected many aspects of our lives. Cyberspace is no exception. With the imperative need to stay safe, individuals had to create alternate methods to work, school, communicate and access services. However, this period also saw cybercriminals double their efforts to exploit the situation.

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