Leonardo Chiariglione

Leonardo Chiariglione obtained his Ph. D. degree from the University of Tokyo. During his career he launched several initiatives, such as MPEG in 1988 which he left in 2020 and is now closed and Moving Picture Audio and Data Coding by Artiuficial Intelligence (MPAI) in 2020. He is currently CEO of CEDEO.net, a company advising multinational companies and developing its own portfolio of technologies, products and services, such as wim.tv (http://wim.tv/). He is the recipient of several awards: among these the Eduard Rhein Foundation Award, the IBC John Tucker Award, the IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award and the Kilby Foundation Award.

Digital contents concept. Social networking service. Streaming v

The MPAI-AIF V2 Call for Technologies

Moving Picture, Audio, and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI), an international unaffiliated not-for-profit organization, develops AI-based Data Coding standards with associated clear licensing frameworks.

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