Howard M. Wiener

I help organizations define, plan for and achieve transformation on multiple levels. Based on my background in Risk Management, Risk-Based Thinking and Risk-Based Problem Solving, I have defined a multi-disciplinary approach to Agile Enterprise Risk Management. I have immersed myself in current technologies and disciplines, including a variety of programming languages (JavaScript, Node.js, Python), Cloud architectures (certifications in AWS), CI/CD, DevOps and AI/ML. Digital transformation is a must for any company aspiring to sustainability and these technologies and capabilities are key to it.

Dance studio, ballet and jump in air while class watches girl student move with agility and grace. Ballerina woman with talent and good body coordination in training lesson with youth dance team.

What is Enterprise Agility?

I have done a lot of writing recently about these many referents and the Agile 2 Academy, with whom I am currently working.  I’ve stressed the importance of attaining what I have been calling Business Agility and observed the many ways in which Agile and agile as they are currently practiced don’t necessarily contribute to it. 

Ukrainian soldier. Ukrainian in army. Ukrainian flag on military

Ukrainian Success Through the Lens of Agile

The world is watching the war Russia is waging against the Ukrainians. Most of it applauds how the Ukrainians adapt to a rapidly evolving environment and occasionally prevail.  This article describes how the Ukrainian’s agility serves them quite well in the conflict.

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