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Adding intelligent features to your Android apps – Video tutorial


Machine Learning for Android App development Using ML Kit [Video]

This course is for Android developers who want to try their hand at building a machine learning app using the new ML Kit SDK that Google recently released. This course does not require any previous knowledge of machine learning, as a basic introduction will be given so that you can fully understand the content.


ML Kit makes it easy to apply ML techniques to your apps by bringing Google’s ML technologies together in a single SDK. With ML Kit you can have features such as text recognition, face recognition, barcode scanning, image labeling, and landmark recognition at your fingertips in your apps. In this course, you are going to implement all these features in your Android applications using ML Kit.

After completing this course, you will be confident enough to build Android applications equipped with in-built Machine Learning features, providing an amazing user experience. You will be able to go into the world and create your own useful Machine Learning apps using ML Kit.

All the codes are present at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Machine-Learning-for-Android-App…

What you will learn:

  • Explore how machine learning is changing the world we live in.
  • Configure UIs with camera settings and use them in your app.
  • Implement text recognition and deploy it with Firebase on the cloud.
  • Perform face detection by adding it to your app and trying it out!
  • Scan through barcodes by adding the barcode scanning feature to your app.
  • Identify images by image labeling and deploy them with Firebase on the cloud.
  • Add features such as landmark recognition to your apps to identify a specific landmark.

About the Author:

Yusuf Saber is an Android developer with over 5 years’ professional experience. Yusuf earned his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Ryerson University in 2011 and started his career as a .NET developer before quickly turning to Android. He has worked on a large range of Android apps, from social to multimedia to B2B, and more!

Get a preview of the Video here