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A Radical AI Strategy – Platformication

Summary:  A new business model strategy based around intermediary platforms powered by AI/ML is promising the most direct path to fastest growth, profitability, and competitive success.  Adopting this new approach requires a deep change in mindset and is quite different from just adopting AI/ML to optimize your current operations.

A Radical AI Strategy – PlatformicationAs a data scientist you may be wondering why you need to be concerned about strategy and business models.  It’s simple.  Different types of AI/ML are most appropriate for different business objectives.  So whether you’re a data scientist being asked to plan and present the most appropriate portfolio of projects, or a CXO looking to support your new digital business model, you need to understand the relationship between data science and strategy.

In our last article we laid out the four major AI/ML powered business models.  We set up a structure to help you think about “AI Inside”, essentially pasted on and used to optimize an existing old-style business model versus “AI-First”, business models that can lead to real digital transformation.

AI-First models are typically associated with startups so not necessarily the first place a mature existing business would look for a strategy in its digital journey.  But hidden in plain sight within AI-First is a business model strategy so bold that mature companies that have embraced it have outpaced their competitors by a wide margin.  That’s adopting a “Platform Strategy”.

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