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Unleashing innovation: How AI chatbots transform your website strategy

  • Pritesh Patel 
AI Chatbots

In our fast-changing, digitized world business strategies, and content planning are also moving into the world of numbers, minimizing the need for human work. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is developing day by day, expanding over more and more users and areas of use. Below you will learn about AI chatbots, their advantages and disadvantages. You will find out the basic concept of website strategy and lastly, identify the correlation between them and website strategy, and how the latter is affected and transformed by AI chatbots.

What are AI chatbots?

AI Chatbots chatbots that compose answers with the help of artificial intelligence for answering human inquiries. They generate answers to different questions, expanding on different topics and providing the details needed. 

There are two types of AI chatbots: those that work based on the use of artificial intelligence and ones that generate answers planned and saved beforehand. The former gives more accurate and human-like answers, as these chatbots use artificial intelligence and NLP (natural language processing) to produce more human-like answers. On the other hand, the second type of AI chatbot has preplanned rules to determine answers to various questions based on that plan. AI chatbots are used in diverse spheres and by different individuals as they are multifunctional.

Advantages and disadvantages of AI chatbots

Having discussed the concept of AI chatbots, you may question its benefits, pros and cons. AI chatbots are beneficial in several situations, but it doesn’t mean they are flawless and harmless and can do any type of work. Thus, to identify whether they are beneficial or not, and to help you understand whether chatbots are worth using, let’s mention some of their advantages and disadvantages. 

Some of the advantages that AI chatbots have are:

  • Anytime Availability 

One of the main advantages of chatbots is their availability. They can replace human workers when it comes to being available for work all the time. People live their lives besides working, while AI chatbots are available anytime.

  • Speed-efficiency 

AI chatbots are faster at generating answers and giving solutions to customers’ problems compared to human workers. Consequently, AI can replace human workers here as well. 

  • Cost-effective

Another advantage of AI chatbots is their cost-efficiency. While you have to pay salaries to human workers, you pay either nothing or much less to AI than to human workers. 

  • Data Collection

AI chatbots are advantageous because they provide real-time data. Chatbots collect the data, such as names, emails, and phone numbers of the customers, via questions.

Besides having so many advantages they also have disadvantages alongside those. At first, chatbots may seem quite beneficial considering all the advantages mentioned above, but the truth is that they do have disadvantages that can be left unnoticed. To clarify this let’s discuss some disadvantages that chatbots have.

Some of the disadvantages that AI chatbots have are:

  • Time-consuming

Even though they were initially created to save time and simplify people’s jobs, there are cases when AI chatbots may lag, as the available data is limited. So this may cause problems concerning the time, as chatbots may require more time than expected.  

  • Difficulties of Understanding

AI chatbots are sophisticated programs that serve people in many situations, but they are still not human beings. Thus, sometimes it is quite difficult to get the chatbot to understand your inquiries and give appropriate answers.

  • Handling Problems

Chatbots are not quite useful when it comes to understanding and dealing with human emotions. AI chatbots are not capable of calming down angry customers and solving their problems, they are also unable to give solutions to problems that are not planned in their program beforehand. 

  • Experience

Another disadvantage is that they lack the emotional characteristics that people have. Chatbots won’t be able to perceive the emotions of the customers and hence, they won’t be able to maintain the conversation with the customers and give appropriate solutions to the problem.

  • Low Customer Satisfaction Rate

The disadvantages mentioned above result in a low customer satisfaction rate. As they can’t understand people in cases when communication becomes solely based on emotions and humanlike behavior, they mainly become ineffective and decrease the customer satisfaction level.

Website strategy: What is it?

Having a beautifully designed website is far not enough as it may seem. To flourish your business, you need to drive the customers to take a step closer to the brand. To achieve the latter you need to develop a good working website strategy. The strategy of the website includes a row of actions planned to reach your goals. 

To have a good website strategy you need to understand what kind of audience will get interested in your website and the ways they can find your website. Besides the type of the audience, it is important to identify the needs of the audience, what information, and what answers they seek on your website. It is essential to understand also what we want from the audience. In other words, we need to identify the purpose of our website, besides answering the questions of the audience. Finally, it is important to have a plan for leading the audience from one page to the other and identify the means that our website leads us to our goals.

Some important steps to building a good website strategy include:

  • Identifying the purpose of the website: without a goal, the website won’t function the way you want it to. For this reason, you need to establish the purpose of your website.
  • Step-by-step leading: you need to have planned each step driving your audience from one page to the other to make them take action. If you know the goal of your website and the way of reaching it then you will have a proper call to action. The carefully planned steps guarantee the customers’ movement in the funnel of your strategy.
  • Finding the target audience: only if you know what you offer and what information, answers, and solutions you provide, you can find the audience that is interested in your website. 
  • Keep updating: finally, knowing who your target audience is, knowing the goals and purposes of your website, and having planned the actions beforehand, your next step will be taking steps to achieve your goals. Updating and posting regularly on your website will keep the audience engaged and active.

How AI chatbots affect your website strategy

Having established the concept of AI chatbots and a basic understanding of website strategies, it will be easier to understand how it affects your website strategy. To develop a good website strategy we covered a few steps that should be taken to accomplish the goals of our website. 

Nowadays, many business developers use chatbots to develop a website strategy. AI chatbots are applied in various fields, by various individuals for diverse purposes. Generally, AI chatbots may be quite useful for business strategy. 

The AI chatbots can be used in different areas of your business and simultaneously facilitate many actions that usually take time and effort. 
Unleashing innovation: How AI chatbots transform your website strategy

Thus, how chatbots influence the website strategy depends on how it is used and what areas it is applied in.

  • Lead Generation

AI chatbots can serve you as a good help for lead generation. They provide immediate answers and decrease the need for manual work. The type of chatbots that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing mentioned above, provide more personalized communication for each user.

  • Customer Engagement

As they are available anytime, they are a good way of keeping customers engaged. In other words, they can help customers find solutions and answers to specific inquiries, without any human help. To make the best use of AI chatbots you can also get the WordPress ChatGPT plugin.

  • Managing the Team

AI chatbots are capable of giving instant task scheduling for team members. This reduces a lot of manual work alongside other opportunities, the AI chatbots provide for team management. 

  • Customer Demographics

AI chatbots provide data about the customers. With the help of AI chatbots, you can gather some basic information about your audience by asking them to fill in information such as name, email address, age gender, etc. This information will help you identify the demographics of your audience and understand who is interested in your website.

  • Data Collection

Another area of website strategy that AI chatbots can influence, is the data-gathering process. AI chatbots can provide you with such information as when the customers made their inquiries, what products are frequently asked about, delayed orders, etc. This kind of information can be quite helpful when planning and organizing your website strategy. 


In conclusion, AI chatbots are sophisticated programs that provide answers to various inquiries based on the type of chatbot you use. More precisely, when they employ natural language processing, they can produce responses that are more adaptable and human-like than those that are predetermined by the computer. AI chatbots are used for a variety of applications, as previously indicated. One of those purposes may be website strategy development. They do affect the website strategy, by affecting the lead generation process, customer engagement, data gathering, etc. 

Thus, chatbots transform the website strategy by digitizing a lot of work concerning different areas. They help to reduce manual work and provide more detailed data for later strategy planning.