6 tips to navigate AI adoption

  • Evan Morris 

Unlock Success in AI Adoption: Discover 6 Essential Tips for Business Leaders to Navigate Artificial Intelligence Integration Smoothly.

Node.js vs Python Choose the Best Technology for Your Web App

Node.js vs Python: Which One Should You Use for Web Apps?

Node.js and Python are the most popular technologies for backend development. And, when it comes to web development, it could be challenging to choose between Node.js & Python. The selection of the right technology stack for your project is critical. This is primarily dictated by the project’s cost, launch timeline & how efficient it is to maintain and scale.

Customer pay by smart watch

How RFID Technology is Applied in Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Manoj Kumar 

Banks and financial institutions offer great value and convenience to their end users. However, they are notorious for being susceptible to fraudulent attacks such as credit card identity theft. A lot has been done in adding layers of security to an individual’s banking experience.

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