Hurricane Ian in Florida

DSC Weekly 4 October 2022 – Resiliency

  • Kurt Cagle 

Last week, Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers, Florida, skirting the edge of Category 5 Hurricane classification. By the time it exited the other side of the Peninsula (going on to hit the Carolinas as a severe tropical storm), Ian had brought 18′ storm surges that leveled buildings, killed at least seventy-five people, and left several million people without power. The storm was nearly as large as the state when it made landfall.

Motion graphic of digital world connect big data

An Invisible Thread Connects the World

  • Osama Rizvi 

The effects have reverberated from politics to the military and even economics to energy. Not to mention that the daily life of hundreds of millions have to be impacted. There are multiple dimensions to what is eventuating in recent times. This multi-dimensionality has led to dissonance and confusion in the policy-making ranks of governments and organizations as the world becomes too complex.

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