The winter is coming outdoor, person in winter

DSC Weekly 29 Nov 2022 – Winter is Coming

  • Kurt Cagle 

I live near the top of one of the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the Puget Sound, my first year of living here after spending the last decade in a valley near sea level, only a few miles away. Warily, we’re watching the heavy, sullen clouds move in even as a cold weather system presses in from the north, a guaranteed recipe for snow. Winter is coming.

Abstract purple light and laser beams, fractals and glowing shap

Fractals and Economy

  • Osama Rizvi 

Fractals are all around us. Nature has used them in its design. One can see fractal patterns in trees, coastlines, mountains, snowflakes, hurricanes, and neurons. They are essentially never-ending patterns. They are a paradox as they nature is highly complex yet they are created by a simple process.

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