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Illegal drugs: do they really work?

Since they made marijuana legal in Washington state, I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, and discovered that they now use marijuana as an ingredient in their famous recipes, in particular in their smoky macarons.

It has absolutely no effect (mind altering) on me, but it also reminded me when I was young and tried a few drugs: none produced anything other than mechanical effect (increased heart beat) on me. Even…


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From the trenches: 360-degree data science

This is data science from the trenches - both a case study, and a tutorial for data sciencist candidates. Here I illustrate how gut feelings, carefully selected data (rather than getting granular data), full understanding of business (horizontal knowledge), high level vision, and outsourcing (to make data science almost free) combined together, makes a data science project…


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The Data Scientist at Work

BRick van der Lans. Originally posted in B-Eye-Network

The Data Scientist’s Four-Step Discovery Process

The discovery process used by data scientists commonly consists of four steps (see also Figure 1):

  • Data…

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21 Thought-Leader Professors in Data Science

The field of data science continues to grow, and with it come thought leaders who contribute to the industry through outreach and education. Many of the data science professors teaching today are leaders in the big-data field, speaking at conferences, writing books, and even creating groundbreaking big-data developments themselves. Find out which schools boast the most influential leaders in the data science industry.



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KDNuggets 2014 Salary Survey (and 10 other salary surveys)

Data Scientists Salary Survey shows that industry data scientists are in a sweet spot, especially in US, Canada, and Australia, with average salary $135K. European and Asian data scientists salaries are significantly lower.


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Write a data science research paper and win fame and award

In connection with our proposed methodology to create a black-box, automated, easy-to-interpret, sample-based, robust technique called jackknife regression, to be used in small and big data environments by non-statisticians, We offer an award and massive promotion to the successful candidate who

  1. Provide the exact formulas for the solution of the 2x2, 3x3 and…

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Jackknife logistic and linear regression for clustering and predictions

This article discusses a far more general version of the technique described in our article The best kept secret about regression. Here we adapt our methodology so that it applies to data sets with a more complex structure, in particular with highly correlated independent variables.…


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Learn experimental design with our live, real-time ongoing analysis

This permanent experimental design setting allow you to learn, participate or check out the results at any time, as data is gathered and reported in real time. This article illustrates a few concepts:

  • The necessity to work with redundant data
  • The necessity to identify and use the right metrics
  • How to detect anomalies in experimental design settings
  • How to test multiple factors at once
  • What could make this analysis invalid

You can…


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Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2014

Tableau webinar, March 25.

Register now.

The innovation in data and analytics continues to…


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Weekly digest - March 17

Featured articles


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The best kept secret about linear and logistic regression

Update: The most recent article on this topic can be found here

All the regression theory developed by statisticians over the last 200 years (related to the general linear model) is useless. Regression can be performed as accurately without statistical models, including the computation of confidence intervals (for estimates, predicted values or…


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Two big datasets to challenge your data science expertise

Stack exchange data dump

This is an anonymized dump of all user-contributed content on the Stack Exchange network. Each site is formatted as a separate archive consisting of XML files zipped via 7-zip using bzip2 compression. Each site archive includes Posts, Users, Votes, Comments, PostHistory and PostLinks. For complete schema information, see the included readme.txt.…


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17 areas to benefit from big data analytics in next 10 years

Here's my list:

  1. Automated piloting (cars talking to cars) will reduce accidents and optimize your commute. 
  2. Better fraud detection will catch IRS fraudsters and terrorists before they strike. 
  3. Better encryption and monitoring systems will allow the creation of new, private currencies, avoiding the speculation that surrounds Bitcoin. 
  4. Early detection of epidemics thanks to crowdsourcing 
  5. Detection of earthquakes, solar flares - including…

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Great example of root cause analysis

This is an area of data science that the public is less familiar with. This example involves small data, simulations, and 18 years old crowdsourcing.

It's an attempt to explain the cause of the TWA Flight 800 that exploded near New York on July 17, 1996. I raised the possibility that a potential cause for the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing last week, was being hit by a missile (accidental or not). Likewise, many people still believe that TWA 800 was destroyed by a…


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Weekly Digest - March 10

Featured Articles


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How to compete against data scientists charging $30/hour

While companies complain about lack of analytic talent, professionals complain about lack of jobs. Everyone wants to work for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Intel, Apple, Twitter or some hot start-up. It creates fierce competition getting a job interview, let alone a job. But companies that do not belong to this circle see very few candidates applying for their data scientist open positions; in addition, they are only hiring what I call technical developers (defined by a narrow set of technical…


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Introduction to my data science book

Here's the introduction. Click here to view more details about the book.


This book is a type of “handbook” on data science and data scientists, and contains information not found in traditional…


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