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Can a Diploma from a Lower Ranking University Hurt your Data Science Career Prospects?

Here I specifically discuss the case of a PhD degree from a third-tier university, though to some extent, it also applies to master degrees. Many professionals joining companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, or Google in a role other than a programmer, typically have a PhD degree, although there are many exceptions. It is still possible to learn data science on the job, especially if you have a quantitative background (say in physics or engineering) and have experience working with serious…


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Moving Averages: Natural Weights, Iterated Convolutions, and Central Limit Theorem

Convolution is a concept well known to machine learning and signal processing professionals. In this article, we explain in simple English how a moving average is actually a discrete convolution, and we use this fact to build weighted moving averages with natural weights that at the limit, have a Gaussian behavior guaranteed by the Central Limit Theorem. Moving averages are nothing more than blurring filters for signal processing experts, with a Gaussian-like kernel in the case discussed…


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Machine Learning / Stats / BI: Mini Translation Dictionary

Here I provide translations for various important terms, to help professionals from related backgrounds better understand each other. In particular, machine learning professionals versus statisticians.

Source for picture:…


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Deep visualizations to Help Solve Riemann's Conjecture

This is the second part of my article Spectacular Visualization: The Eye of the Riemann Zeta Function, focusing on the most infamous unsolved mathematical conjecture, one that has a $1 million dollar price attached to it. I used the word deep not in the sense of deep neural networks, but because the implications of these…


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Spectacular Visualization: The Eye of the Riemann Zeta Function

We discuss here one of the most famous unsolved mathematical conjectures of all times, one among seven that has a $1 million award attached to it, see here. It is known as the Riemann Hypothesis and abbreviated as RH. Of course I did not solve it (yet), but the material presented here offers a new…


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