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Edge Analytics - What, Why, When, Who, Where, How

As I have written extensively before, the primary purpose of any data you collect or manage is to derive actionable insights from that data using various types of data analytics. A casual browsing on data analytics will tell you that there are 4 types of data analytics and they are: Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics,…


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Women Influencers In Data

Few months ago, I wrote an article about the influencers in big data. The article resonated with many and almost all appreciated it. But that’s not the point. Soon after that, I read an article about the abysmal percentage of women in technology especially in the higher echelons. One report mentioned it to be…

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Data Mining - What, Why, When

One of the best ways to learn about any topic is start with very fundamental questions like What, Why etc? Good old Socratic method. In this series of articles on data mining, I plan to approach this topic in a similar fashion. 

What is Data Mining?

Simply put, Data mining is the process of sifting through large data sets to identify…


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March Madness of Business Intelligence - Pick your winning bracket

The promise of Big Data is in analytics and how companies can derive business intelligence to help them make data-driven decisions. A data-driven culture in organizations requires investments in people, processes, and technology. Even though technology alone will not answer all questions, I have to admit that recent advances in Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools and technologies made it possible for business users to derive business insights without active involvement from IT.…


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We Didn't Start The Big Data Fire. It Was Always Raging

We Didn’t Start The Big Data Fire


Unless you are hiding under a rock, you know that the Big Data fire is raging. Whole lot of people have contributed significantly to the advancement of Big Data over the years and quite a few are continuing to influence. I learn every day from these…


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Big Data changed my life. It can change yours too!

Hi, my name is Brontobyte and this is my story of how I grew up from a Byte, to Megabyte, to Gigabyte, to Brontobyte. I was born possibly in 1956 to unknown parents at an undisclosed place. All I know about my birth is that my Godfather Mr. Werner Buchholz from IBM gave me my name ‘Byte’ in July of 1956. I was told that Mr. Buchholz named me Byte (instead of bite) so I won’t be lost with all those bits and I am so thankful to him for making me feel special. So I am…


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25 Big Data Terms You Must Know To Impress Your Date (Or whoever you want to)

Big Data can be intimidating! If you are new to Big Data, please read ‘What is Big Data’, ‘…


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Analyzing The Hype Around Big Data - A Balanced View

In my previous articles on ‘What I Wanted To Know About Big Data But Was Afraid To Ask’ series, I covered ‘What is Big Data’ and ‘Who came up with Big Data and Why’. Now that we are grounded on…


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Who came up with the name Big Data?

Big Data has truly come of age in 2013 when Oxford English Dictionary introduced the term “Big Data” for the first time in its dictionary. That of course begs the question ‘When was the term Big Data first used and Why?’. My curiosity led me to lot of research material but I relied mostly on Mr. Gil Press’s “A Very Short History of Big data” from Forbes, Mr. Steve Lohr’s “The Origins of ‘Big Data': An Etymological Detective Story“ from The New York Times, Mr. Mark van Rijmenam’s “A Short…


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What I Always Wanted To Know About Big Data* (*but was afraid to ask)

When I first heard the term Big Data few years ago, I didn’t think much of it. Soon after, Big Data started appearing in many of my conversations with many of my tech friends. So I started asking a very simple question 'What is Big Data?'. I kept asking that question to various folks and I did not get the same answer twice from any number of people. ‘Oh, it’s lot of data’. ‘It’s variety of data’. ‘It’s how fast the data is piling up’. Really? I thought to myself but was…


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