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D3 for Data Scientists, Part I: A re-usable template for combining R and D3 to build interactive visualizations

By Peter Cooman

The path to D3 mastery is dark and full of terrors. D3 itself is a JavaScript (JS) library and on top of that, you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to get the most out of it. If you’re a data scientist, chances are JavaScript, at best, ranks as your fourth language, after R, Python,…


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Bringing Big Data to Big Macs: Lessons from McDonald’s Successful Adoption of Data Science for Personalized Marketing

Background: Civis began a data technology partnership with McDonald’s North America Marketing and Data Science teams in late 2017, and — after a year and a half of keeping our heads down — we jointly presented some of our key learnings recently at Advertising Week in New York.…


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Prediction at Scale with scikit-learn and PySpark Pandas UDFs

By Michael Heilman, Civis Analytics

scikit-learn is a wonderful tool for machine learning in Python, with great flexibility for implementing pipelines and running experiments (see,…


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Creating a Culture that Works for Data Science and Engineering

Written by Allison Sullivan, PHD - Civis Analytics

Product management resources often focus on collaborating with engineering and design. However, products are increasingly powered by data science, and getting data science into production means teams need…


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The best Mario Kart character (according to data science)

Written by Henry Hinnefeld, Lead Data Scientist at Civis Analytics

Mario Kart was a staple of my childhood — my friends and I would spend hours after school as Mario, Luigi, and other characters from the Nintendo universe racing around cartoonish tracks and lobbing pixelated bananas at each other. One thing that always vexed our little group of would-be…


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Demystifying Black-Box Models with SHAP Value Analysis

As an Applied Data Scientist at Civis, I implemented the latest data science research to solve real-world problems. We recently worked with a global tool manufacturing company to reduce churn among their most loyal customers. A newly proposed tool, called SHAP (SHapley Additive ex…


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An Intro to Natural Language Processing in Python: Framing Text Classification in Familiar Terms

Natural language processing (NLP) is a broad field encompassing many different tasks such as text search, translation, named entity recognition, and topic modeling. On a daily basis, we use NLP whenever we search the internet, ask a voice assistant to tell us the weather forecast, or translate web pages written in another language. Businesses use NLP to understand how their…


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Reducing bias and ensuring fairness in data science

Blog post by Henry Hinnefield, Lead Data Scientist at Civis Analytics

"When machine learning models make decisions that affect people’s lives, how can you be sure those decisions are fair?"

In our work at Civis, we build a lot of models. Most…


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