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Free Hosted Dashboards in IBM Watson Studio

The Data Scientist Need for Hosted Dashboards

As data people, we very typically spend a great deal of time summarizing our findings to stakeholders in a clear, concise and impactful way. Often times, due to the lack of infrastructure, we end up using presentation files with chart images. This can become a real pain when we need to make modifications or when the analysis needs to “live on”. Typically, this is where BI (business intelligence) or dashboard tools shine. Unfortunately,…


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Updated ggmap Tutorial!

Y’all it may have taken me a little time, but I did listen. Thank you for your emails. Because of you, I have now updated my ggmap tutorial to address the Google Static Map API service issues!

Tutorial Link: https://www.littlemissdata.com/blog/maps…


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Data + Art STEAM Project: Initial Results


I've been incredibly fortunate as of late to work on an exciting STEAM project!  STEAM stands for science, technology, education, art and math.  It's a term typically used in reference to education projects combining the subjects to…


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Building a Data Democracy


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Map plots created with R and ggmap


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Time based heatmaps in R

Tutorial Scenario

In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at heatmaps of Seattle 911 calls by various time periods and by type of incident.  This awesome dataset is available as part of the…


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Foolproof R package Install

The number of R packages associated cool new tricks available continues to grow every month.  To understand the current state of R packages on…

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Data Science Graphs (without the code!)

If you read my blog then you'll probably realize there are a few data related topics that I could talk about for days.  This blog dives into a tool called RAW Graphs, which solves for two of them, outlined below. 

We need to enable subject matter experts (SMES) to provide…


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Predictive Analytics Path to Mainstream Adoption

Hold on to your hats data scientists, you're in for another wild ride.   A few months ago, our beloved field of predictive analytics was taken down a peg by the 2017 Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence.    In the latest report, predictive analytics moved from the “Peak of Inflated Expectations” to the “Trough of Disillusionment”.  Don't despair, this is a good thing!   The transition means that the silver bullet seekers are likely moving on to the…


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Analysis on Google's Best Apps of 2017 List


As we are put 2017 to a close, "Best of 2017" lists are being released.  I had a look at Google's "Best Apps of 2017" list and I like their…


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