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Protect Your Data in the New Normal: Focus on Security Strategy

No enterprise or business would want to be a victim of a cyberattack. However, online presence is a prerequisite for businesses today. Online presence is a vital tool for success, although it is also the means of exposure to data breaches. And after the breach, the issue becomes more complex as the grave consequences of the…


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4 Trends in gaming that will reshape the industry

As technology has grown more sophisticated, games have moved from the fringes of social conversation to the centre. Seemingly every technological innovation has a gaming angle to it. Gamers can earn…


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How Kubernetes Can Reduce Development and Deployment Costs

Kubernetes has simplified the deployment and management of containerized applications throughout the application lifecycle. It has enabled software development teams to leverage all the advantages of containerized applications without the management overheads of maintaining containerized environments manually.



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How To Differentiate a Dataset If It Has Normal Distribution

The distribution of data means the way the data gets spread out. This article talks about some essential concepts of the normal distribution:

  • How to measure normality…

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How Big Data Makes Digital Marketing Campaigns More Efficient

Data has gained relevance in almost every sphere of business activity. In this article, we will discuss the key aspects of how data influences the digital marketing space.

You perhaps have not yet realized that data bears the capability…


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Cybersecurity Concerns in the Age of Hybrid Workplaces

Even as the threat of COVID-19 eventually normalizes in our post-pandemic environment, many of the habits and changes we made will likely stay. One of those is hybrid workspaces.

 A hybrid workplace or workspace is a flexible system that allows workers to shift between onsite and offsite work. According to recent data,…


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How Developers Can Easily Integrate Complex Analytics into Products

Product teams have been integrating analytics into applications for many years. This has helped them differentiate their apps from the competition, lower customer churn, reduce the duration of development cycles and charge more for their products and services.

Users also prefer applications that offer…


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Top 6 Secrets Management Platforms for Enterprises

What is the world’s leading secret management platform? There is no definite answer to this question. Different enterprises have different needs and preferences. The best system for them will depend on what suits their needs and wants best. The following top secrets management platforms, however, are definitely worth…


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How Data Scientists are Leveraging Automation

The emergence of automation has posed a concern for data scientists--will it eventually replace them?


But there is no cause to worry as the eventuality will never happen. Instead, automation will help data scientists to improve the results they derive from analyzing vast amounts of data.


When it comes to the marriage between…


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How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence, or AI, technology is continuously reshaping small business processes, techniques, and strategies. Businesses of all sizes are always looking to AI to accelerate repetitive tasks, minimize human errors, and increase accuracy. In fact, over 25% of businesses will use AI in their operational processes by the end of 2020. As a result, AI capability is expected to remain here to stay. To ensure that you are not left behind the competition, small business owners…


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5 Common Issues that Wreck Database Security and How to Solve them

With data growing at its highest rate ever, cyberattacks and digital warfare are on the rise to get hold of any crucial data. The malicious actors primarily target the data in organizations; if it’s important to you, so it is to them.

Cybercriminals often target databases since they mostly store sensitive data — customer data, financial…


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5 Tips for Making Better Business Decisions



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How Single Sign-On Helps to Control the Flow of Information

Companies are ramping up their adopting of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service applications. Public cloud spending is expected to reach over $206 billion in 2019.…


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Big Data and Cyber Security - A double whammy for hackers

Businesses are growing more digitized today. As this happens, cybersecurity threats are rising as well. Companies are placed at an increasing risk, which is why they need help from big data analysis. In fact, KuppingerCole conducted a study entitled “Big Data and Information Security.” study looks in-depth at current deployment levels and the benefits of big data…


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