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18 Handy Resources for Machine Learning Practitioners

Machine Learning is a diverse field covering a wide territory and has impacted many verticals. It is able to tackle tasks in language and image processing, anomaly detection, credit scoring sentiment analysis, forecasting alongside dozens of other downstream tasks. A proficient developer, in this line of work; has to be able to draw, borrow, and steal from many adjacent fields such as mathematics, statistics, programming, and most importantly common sense. I for one have drawn tremendous…


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Notable Fundraising Highlights of Machine Learning Startups in 2016

2016 has been a prolific year for Machine Learning/AI companies in all fronts. In this post I have tried to capture some notable funding rounds and acquisitions of Machine Learning (ML) startups that took place last year. Admittedly there are too many of these events and I have probably missed some, but I am reasonably certain that I have covered a good chunk of them. Before jumping to the table below, I would like to cover some general themes first:

1.             Companies involved…


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Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Explained in Layman Terms


NIPS2016 (Neural Information Processing System) is an annual event that attracts the best and the brightest of the field of Machine Learning both from academia as well as industry. I attended this event last week for the very first time and was blown away by the volume and diversity of the presentations. One unusual observation…


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