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How Data Science Can Predict if a Controversial Ad Will Backfire

Watching Super Bowl commercials is a celebrated American tradition. With more than a hundred million viewers tuned in, the pressure to stand out on Super Bowl Sunday is sky high. That's why many companies try to make their spots just-controversial-enough. But not going overboard is easier said than done. This tone deafness was on full display in 2011 when …


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Data Science Musings: We Make Better Health Choices When We Think We're in Control

Obviously, there are few topics that are as morbid as our own morbidity, and it is for this reason that we often avoid thinking about it. However, as it turns out, how we view the probability of the causes and the timing of our own demise is very important. Why? It is because these views are subconsciously affecting how we approach health related decisions that we are making every day.

Think of it this way. If you believed that you would likely die from an…


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He Tweeted, She Tweeted: A Study on Romantic Breakups on Twitter Using Data Science

They say that breaking up is hard to do. Now, data scientists know that it’s true. Neil Sedaka songs aside, they know it’s true because, in 2013, with the help of public data sourced from Twitter, they were able to track and listen-in on conversations between 661 couples who were in the process of ending their relationships.

Researchers Venkata…


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