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Talent Analytics…Does Maturity Really Matter?

This article was written by Sara Roberts. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at Category One Consulting (C1C), Sara is committed to helping organizations maximize their people and program effectiveness through the application of research, analytics, and evidence-based practice.

Organizations have understood the importance of using data to inform financial, sales, and marketing decisions for quite some time; however, this data-driven focus has only recently extended itself…


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40 Interview Questions asked at Startups in Machine Learning / Data Science

This article was posted by Manish Saraswat on Analytics Vidhya. Manish who works in marketing and Data Science at Analytics Vidhya believes that education can change this world. R, Data Science and Machine Learning keep him busy.

Machine learning and data science are being looked as the drivers of the next industrial revolution happening in the world today. This also means that there are numerous …


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Big Data: 17 Predictions Everyone Should Read

This article was written by Bernard Marr. 

Almost everyone can agree that big data has taken the business world by storm, but what’s next?  Will data continue to grow?  What technologies will develop around it? Or will big data become a relic as quickly as the next trend — cognitive technology? fast data? — appears on the horizon.   

Let’s look at some…


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Tutorial – Getting Started with GraphLab For Machine Learning in Python

This article was written by Sunil Ray. Sunil is a Business Analytics and Intelligence professional with deep experience in the Indian Insurance industry. 


GraphLab came as an unexpected breakthrough on my learning plan. After all, ‘ Good Things Happen When You Expect Them Least To Happen’. It all started with the end of Black Friday Data Hack. Out of 1200 participants, we got our winners and their…


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