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Why You Need Multi-Disciplinary, Integrated Risk Management

This article is excerpted from my upcoming book Agile Enterprise Risk Management: Risk-Based Thinking, Multi-Disciplinary Management and Digital Transformation.  The book provides a framework for evolving your Risk Management function to make it operate in a nearly-continuous fashion, which will allow it to keep pace with the…


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A Conversation with Howard M. Wiener, MSIA, CERM, PMP About Agile 2

Interviewed by Greg Hutchins, PE, CERM

Iterative software development approaches have been around since the 1950s but many mark the beginning of what is commonly thought of as Agile as the creation of the Agile Manifesto, a document written…


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The Education Industrial Complex: The Hammer We Have

In a recent NY Times feature article, Noam Scheiber provided a pretty thorough picture of the mid-to-longer term economic challenges we’re facing and some of the alternative policies that the Biden administration may pursue to address them.  The most important forces driving…


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The Education Industrial Complex and The Future of Work

In a previous article I explored how workers and employers should approach the future and opined that both would be better off if they each understood the motivations and tactics that the other would employ to further their interests.  Workers are concerned…


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The Future of Work and Professions: CIO to COO to CEO

A recent Wall Street Journal article, entitled Coronavirus Pandemic Helps Speed More CIOs Toward Business Operations Accountability, observed:…


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External Change Drivers that will Impact Work and Professions

In my previous post, What’s Driving the Future of Work and Professions?, I mentioned PESTLE as a helpful framework for classifying external forces that act on all of us and the companies for which we work.  In this article, I present a list of them for you to consider.  It’s not encyclopedic, but it’s a good…


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What’s Driving the Future of Work and Professions?

What does ‘the Future of Work’ mean?  It depends on which of two sides you are viewing it from.

The View from Opposite Sides

Individuals—employees, contractors, professionals—get career advice from various channels: How should you manage your career and your future?  Will your profession be upended by AI?  Will your job be subsumed by automation?   How will you make a living and provide for your…


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