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Experimenting with AWS Machine Learning for Classification

In this post, I'll explore the new AWS Machine Learning services.

The problem we are trying to solve is to classify auto accident severity given a set of features. I'll not go into further details of the data set and what classification algorithms,etc. here since the goal of this blog is to explore the new AWS Machine Learning service step by step.

In the next blog post, I'll explore another service: Microsoft Azure Machine…


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Visualizing Nepal Earthquake: The Human Side of Data Science

1 The Tragedy

As most of you guys know, the country of Nepal has been hit with a powerful earthquake killing over 1,800 lives(as of this writing). Thousands are injured. Lives are disrupted. Historic temples, monuments, buildings are leveled.

I plead you to help whatever you can. Money. Time. Good wishes, thoughts, and prayers. Scroll to the end of this post for where you…


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Finding Group Structures in Data using Unsupervised Machine Learning

1. Introduction

In this post, we’ll use an unsupervised machine learning technique called kmeans clustering to find naturual structures in our data. In the other blog posts, we used supervised machine learning techniques like logistic regression and linear regression to predict car prices or …


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Predicting Flights Delay Using Supervised Learning, Logistic Regression

1. Introduction

In this post, we’ll use a supervised machine learning technique called logistic regression to predict delayed flights. But before we proceed, I like to give condolences to the family of the the victims of the Germanwings tragedy.

This analysis is conducted using a public data set that can be obtained here:…


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Predicting Car Prices Part 1: Linear Regression

1. Introduction:

Let’s walk through an example of predictive analytics using a data set that most people can relate to:prices of cars. In this case, we have a data set with historical Toyota Corolla prices along with related car attributes.

Let’s load in the Toyota Corolla file and check…


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Predicting Car Prices Part 2: Using Neural Network

1. Introduction

This is part two of the series. In part one, we used linear regression model to predict the prices of used Toyota Corollas. There are some overlap in the materials for those just reading this post for the first time. For those who read the part 1 of the series using linear regression, then you can safely skip to the section where I applied neural networks to the same data set.

In this post, we will…


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