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Could GPT-3 Change The Way Future AI Models Are Developed and Deployed ?

Much has been said about GPT-3 already.

With its 175 billion parameters and a massive corpus of data on which it is trained – GPT-3 is already enabling some innovative applications


But GPT-3 could help pave the way for a new way of developing AI models


The GPT-3 paper is called…


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The most common mistake people make in mid-career transition to AI

 AI will impact many jobs  and COVID has only accelerated this trend   
Based on my teaching at the University of Oxford for AI, we see a big demand for people wanting to transition to AI due to the current environment. 
If you are at the early stage of your career (less than two years out of Uni), a transition…

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A taxonomy of explainable (XAI) AI models

I am reading a very interesting paper called Principles and Practice of Explainable Machine Learning by

Vaishak Belle (University of Edinburgh & Alan Turing Institute) and Ioannis Papantonis (University of Edinburgh) which presents a taxonomy of explainable AI (XAI).


XAI is a complex subject…


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