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Correlation does not equal causation but How exactly do you determine causation?





Co-relation does not equal causation – is a mantra drilled into a Data Scientist from an early age

That’s fine ..

But very few talk of the follow-on question ..

How exactly do you determine causation?

This problem is…


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TensorFlow 1.x vs 2.x. – summary of changes

Overview of changes TensorFlow 1.0 vs TensorFlow 2.0

Earlier this year, Google announced TensorFlow 2.0, it is a major leap from the existing TensorFlow 1.0. The key differences are as follows:


Ease of use: Many old libraries (example tf.contrib) were removed, and some consolidated. For example, in TensorFlow1.x the model could be made using Contrib, layers, Keras or estimators, so many options for the same task confused many new users.…


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Explaining Logistic Regression as Generalized Linear Model (in use as a classifier)

The explanation of Logistic Regression as a Generalized Linear Model and use as a classifier is often confusing.

In this article, I try to explain this idea from first principles. This blog is part of my forthcoming book on the Mathematical foundations of Data Science. If you are interested in knowing more, please follow me on linkedin Ajit Jaokar

We take the following approach:

  • We see first briefly how…

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IoT - where are the stream analytics use cases?

I have been looking at this problem over a few years now
The IoT industry often speaks of handling both high volumes and high throughputs of data
However, currently, I find that there are not many use cases for IoT streaming analytics which are unique
The 'unique' and 'currently' bits…

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“Will china dominate AI?” – is the wrong question



Will china dominate AI?

When I spoke at the UK China business forum last month, I discussed this topic in response to an audience question.

In the current climate of nationalistic fervour, I see the same question asked in many guises.



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