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Understanding Self Supervised Learning

In the last blog, we discussed the opportunities and risks of foundational models. Foundation models are trained on a broad dataset at scale and are adaptable to a wide range of downstream tasks. In this blog, we extend that…


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Understanding Probabilistic Programming

Even for many data scientists, Probabilistic Programming is a relatively unfamiliar territory. Yet, it is an area fast gaining in importance.

In this post, I explain briefly the exact problem being addressed by Probabilistic Programming

We can think of Probabilistic Programming as a tool for statistical modelling.



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What skills would be needed for Telecoms professionals in the 5G world?



We all have a mobile phone and, in this sense, we are all consumers of mobile technology. Over the past four decades, mobile networks have evolved in parallel to the internet. However, the next evolution of the mobile network (5G) has much to offer to the enterprise. Yes, consumers will benefit because 5G is more than 100 times…


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Charticulator : Creating Interactive Charts Without Code


Many areas of AI continue to show innovation at an exciting pace.

For example, today, generative methods are on my radar. So, its nice to see innovation in an area which is stable and mature.

Charticulator from Microsoft research is a…


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