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When Average Is Not Good Enough - the Future of Data Science Jobs

Editorial Note: Ajit Jaokar's contribution this week hits home a point that I think it very important. As with any job, it is the value that you bring as a problem solver and someone capable of looking at obstacles as challenges rather than the base skills that you have in a given discipline, that will ultimately determine whether…


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AI powered cyberattacks – adversarial AI

In the last post, we discussed an outline of AI powered cyber attacks and their defence strategies. In this post, we will discuss a specific type of attack which is called adversarial attack.


Adversarial attacks are not…


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AI powered cyberattacks – threats and defence

Cyberattacks are on the rise. AI is part of the threat but also part of the solution. Especially, some of the newer AI strategies (such as adversarial attacks) could be a significant new attack vector.

For example, using deepfakes, you could create highly realistic videos, audio or photos and overcome biometric security systems or infiltrate…


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A must have tool to analyse latest AI research papers fast

Here is a great too for your AI research

I feel like a kid in a candy shop! 

If you are like me, and want to stay on top of AI, you spend a lot of time working through research papers

However, there is no tool which can show you great new research in AI in near real time

So, it was great to find this free and open source…


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