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Water Leakage Detection System: How IoT Technology Can Help?

Water leakage is one of the chief reasons for water dearth in the world. Numerous countries are fronting massive water loss due to water leakage. The main reason behind water loss is that people are unable to find the points in the area from where the water is getting leaked. According to research done by the World Bank, up to 25-30%…


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7 Key Benefits of Integrating Asset Monitoring in the Water Sector

Water and wastewater utilities can employ the asset monitoring process to ensure planned maintenance and scheduled repairing of capital assets like pumps, valves, motors, pipes, etc. It is mainly practiced to achieve a sustainable infrastructure and minimize the total operating costs while delivering the services. Additionally, smart asset…


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Why IoT is Better for Monitoring Gas Concentration Levels?

Rising gas levels are solidly dangerous, impacting our lives at huge stakes. Even the slightest spark would ignite the premises and would cost a fortune to the industries.

Well, the Internet of Things is one of a kind technology that has the capabilities of potentializing the assets to their optimal performances. In the case of…


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IoT’s Purview on Current Environmental Conditions

No matter how latest the technology is, it is often blamed responsible for the current environmental issues from internal engine combustion to electronic wastes. Typically, we don't associate high-end technologies with environmental sustainability. However, in the right hands and right applicability, technologies like AI and IoT hold great potential…


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Hospitality Sector & IoT: A Beneficial Duo for Everyday Life

The Internet of Things is all about gathering data and utilizing it for the conveniences of the end-user. IoT helps build an entirely different universe for the assets that interconnect and cater to all the user demands. It is a high-end technology that has revolutionized multiple industries with automation, data-importance, analytics, and…


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Smart IoT Concepts to Practice Intelligent Farming

Farming is the primary source that brings food to our tables. It is one of the most essential occupations to also supply humans with employment options all over the world. However, traditional farming methods like plowing the fields with the help of livestocks and ancient tools are now being replaced with advanced and latest technologies like…


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Dynamism of IoT-powered Gas Monitoring Solution

IoT is a stay-ahead technology that is providing an effective paradigm shift in multiple industries, including the oil and gas sector. With the help of real-time monitoring and advanced analytics features, this disruptive technology is allowing the O&G companies to effectively monitor their assets ranging from pipeline networks to machines…


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Administering A Smart Water Meter System for Real Purposes

Every one of us expects accuracy in our water bills. Also, sometimes it is even better when we are privileged with flexible billing cycles that won't hamper our ongoing water services. Comparing today's technological time with using traditional water systems previously, things have been majorly dealt with under manual supervision. With the…


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IoT in Agriculture: A Bonus for All your Farming Activities

How great would it be to monitor your fields remotely through a smart gadget?

The Internet of Things is defining the new present and future of the farming world. It is positively impacting the overall growth of the farming sector with automation. A smart farming solution has made it easier to:

  • Monitor the fields in…

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Perks of Using IoT in the Hospitality Sector

The Internet of Things is a disruptive technology that serves multiple industries and hospitality sector is availing benefits by adopting smart methods. The hotel businesses have moved a step ahead by implementing the IoT solutions to offer privileges and meeting up to the expectations of their consumers.

In this technological era, hospitality or the hotel sector is working more towards enhanced guest experience and earning customer loyalty rather than just profits. Merging IoT and…


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Who All Can Benefit From the Implementation of the Energy Monitoring Solution?

No doubt, the technology of Internet of Things is swelling at an extraordinary rate. One sector that has benefited significantly from this technological marvel is the powerhouse sector of energy.

In 2015, the global energy market reached a valuation of USD 6.8 billion and is now expected to reach $26.5 billion by the end of…


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Unveiling the Top 6 Predictions for Smart Cities

Rapid urbanization and a splendid luxurious lifestyle have attracted people towards cities. As per a United Nations report, around 66 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by the end of 2050. This means that more than 5 billion people will densely live on 3% of the total Earth’s landmass!

Without a doubt, it can be…


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How is IoT Supporting Various Oil & Gas Industrial Operations?

The heightened technological development in the 21st century would not have been possible without the contribution from the oil & gas sector. Our dependence on the crude and its products has made it one of the industrial sectors that contribute around 2 to 3 per cent to the overall global economy. In fact, in 2017, the consumption of crude grew by 1.4 million b/d and its production increased by 2.2 million b/d.…


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5 Unparalleled Advantages Offered by IoT to Farming Business:

Agriculture has witnessed different innovations and technological developments in the past 100 years. Unlike, traditional farming methods that relied completely on manual labor, modern agriculture is automated and smart. The use of disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things has made farming more precise, sophisticated, and productive. The advent of IoT in the agriculture sector has enabled the emergence of various new farming practices like precision farming, digital farming, and…


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Discover How IoT Escalates Vehicle Fleet Safety.

With intense urbanization, the transportation industry works round the clock to suffice the demands of…


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IoT Has Redefined Hospitality. Learn How!

In the world of techies, Internet of Things (IoT) is a thrilling topic. In our everyday lives, we can witness several objects that communicate with us according to our comfort. For example, thermostats or security systems communicate with us automatically. In fact, in the current world, IoT is the new reality. Different industries are becoming stronger with IoT solutions and the hospitality sector is no exception.…


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Oil & Gas and IoT: The Trio That Takes the Modern Society to a New Level

The domestic economy gets directly and indirectly impacted by the Oil and Gas Industry. It is pretty much noticeable that the oil and gas prices directly affect the economy as a whole. If the United States is to be picked, oil and gas is crucial to its individuals and businesses. But, this does not cancel out the reality that the rest of the globe requires oil and gas in equal measures to run a productive life and business operations. This is the reason why the Oil and Gas Industry requires…


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How Industrial IoT is Shaping the Modern World?

The world has taken several leaps in the technical aspects in the past few years. This has resulted in tremendous growth for the entire globe. With proper modes of communication and travel, the world has discovered ways of becoming stronger by every passing day.

With the flow of time, technology evolved and discovered those…


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Top 10 IoT in Transportation solution providing companies for 2019

The state-of-the-art technology trend, the Internet of Things, is growing expeditiously at the speed of light with each passing day. Many industries have begun harnessing the true potential of IoT. One such industry is the transportation industry. There are various types of smart sensor technology put to use in the transportation industry. IoT technology trend is helping the world by feature-rich sensor technology, and it would also not be wrong to say that there will be various smart…


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