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How the Right Data Positively Impacts PPC Success

PPC advertising and data will forever be linked together. After all, having access to the right data is the only way marketers can experience success in paid advertising. With that being said, it’ll become increasingly important for businesses to keep an eye on the evolution of data tools in 2016 and how they impact PPC strategies.

Significance of Data in PPC Campaigns

In the automotive industry, something as simple as inserting monthly payment amounts into…


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Be A Star Data Scientist: Certifications For Overall Excellence

The necessary skills for data scientists vary widely, depending on field and how up to date any given company’s set-up is. But in this era of increased demand for IT excellence, there are certain certifications that will help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself.

The Modern Data Scientist

The modern data scientist wears many hats. This…


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SBOs Must Pay Attention to Digital Marketing Analytics

As a business owner or C-Suite executive, you have access to an endless collection of data, statistics, and numbers. If you really want to uncover the truth behind a particular action, outcome, or problem, you can find metrics that’ll shed light on the issue at hand. When it comes to marketing in particular, digital marketing analytics play a significant role in a business’ ability to maximize returns, and increase customer engagement.

Value of Digital…


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5 Industries That Need Big Data

“Big data” isn’t just a trendy buzzword and it’s not some revolutionary concept. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Large amounts of data that may be beneficial to a company’s marketing endeavors by helping them understand their demographics better. Big data can come from numerous sources, both internally and externally, and can include things like customer surveys, massive surveys such as the Census, and even an email list or analytics report from a social media…


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4 Things to Do with Customer Data

You’ve gathered up customer data which is more valuable than gold, but now what? Whether you paid for big data, got it for free or conducted your own surveys to drum it up, that’s only the…


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