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5 Obstacles Companies Face When Adopting a New Analytics Strategy

Analytics is a general term for a number of different processes, all of which are geared toward better understanding your demographics (or industry in general), and making improvements to your business’s infrastructure to account for those new insights. Unfortunately, whenever a company starts analyzing data in a new way, or from a new angle, there…


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How Big Data is Changing the Games We Love

You’ll be hard pressed to find any industry that big data hasn’t touched in one way or another. And if you look at sports – and professional sports in particular – it’s clear that big data and the games we all know and love are closely interconnected. From coaches and players to fans and trainers, the people in and around these games now have access to technologies that weren’t even a thought in the past.

4 Specific Ways Big Data is Impacting…


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5 Dangers of Ignoring Data as a Modern Business

For a modern business, data is everything. It can tell you who your customers are, what they like best, what ideas you should pursue, and how those ideas will eventually perform. If you can ask the right questions and use the right tools to uncover and crunch the data, you’ll be in a much better position to sustain your profitability and outcompete your rival businesses.

The Ignorance of Data

The problem is, many businesses are ignoring data, or neglecting it in crucial…


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