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Top Algorithm, Data Science, Big Data and Machine Learning Experts

According to Klout, the top experts in algorithms are:


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5 Data Science Leaders Share their Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

First, we list the predictions from our data scientist in residence. Then we provide predictions from leading data scientists. We invite you to add your own predictions in the comments section below.

Predictions from our data scientist in…


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A data scientist shares his passions

\We asked our staff data scientist what motivates him, and here's what he said:

My passions:

  1. Data Science research but not in an academic or corporate environment.
  2. Developing new, synthetic metrics (to measure yield or for data reduction), and robust, simple, scalable techniques to handle big, unstructured, messy, flowing data -- avoiding the curse of big data.
  3. Offering awards to winners in our competitions.
  4. Delivering…

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R Programming: 35 Job Interview Questions and Answers

Read the questions. At the bottom, you will find a link to the answers.

The Questions

First Set

  1. Explain what is R?
  2. List out some of the function that R provides?
  3. Explain how you can start the R commander…

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10 Harvard Business Review Articles that you should Read

There are various outlets publishing high quality articles about data science, analytics, big data, machine learning and related fields. These outlets can be broken down in the following categories:

  • Professional associations: ASA (Amstat News), IEEE/Spectrum, Informs
  • Corporate blogs and magazines: IBM big data hub, Pivotal, Teradata, Tableau
  • Niche publishers: Data Science Central (check our…

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Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

This was the subject of a question asked on Quora: What are the top 10 data mining or machine learning algorithms?

Some modern algorithms such as collaborative filtering, recommendation engine, segmentation, or attribution modeling, are missing from the lists below. Algorithms from graph theory (to find the shortest path in a graph, or to detect connected components),…


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Tons of machine learning and data science resources that cost nothing

Tutorials, books, articles, data sets, certifications, you name it. All about data science, machine learning and related topics. You can find them with a simple keyword search: enter the keyword "free" in the DSC's search box, and here are the results.

Below is a screenshot of the DSC search results page, for the keyword "free".…


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Great Data Science and Machine Learning Podcasts

This was a question recently posted on Quora: What are the best data science podcasts?. Users recommend the following ones:


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