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A Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms

Originally published by Jason Brownlee in 2013, it still is a goldmine for all machine learning professionals.  The algorithms are broken down in several categories. Here we provide a high-level summary, a much longer and detailed version…


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30 Quotes from a Data Science Pioneer

These are quotes by a well known data scientist, posted on his Facebook account and elsewhere, over the last three years. It includes both quotes related to data science as well as on how to become successful and happy.

Better: write "No SQL…


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O'Reilly 2015 Salary Survey for Data Scientists

Very interesting data compiled and analyzed by O'Reilly, using statistical models such as Lasso regression to predict salary based on different factors. It reminds me our own analysis based on simulated (but realistic) data, to assess whether having Python or R (or both) commands a bigger salary, and what is the extra boost provided by these skills,…


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Data Science Learning Resources

Very interesting collection of resources compiled by DistrictDataLabs, featuring books, online courses, articles across multiple categories: data science, probability and statistics, machine learning, R, Python, big data, DataViz, and NLP.

Here's my favorite section: books, courses and articles for ML (Machine Learning)…


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100 Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning

Originally posted on KDNuggets. We've added some blogs that were missing in the original list, and eliminated some that aren't worth mentioning, hoping to make this list less biased. For a much bigger list, click here.…


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16 Great Data Science Bloggers Worth Following

Click on each link below to read all articles posted on the DSC network by these great bloggers.These authors are listed in random order, with the top contributors (in terms of volume and quality) featured at the top. You are welcome to connect with them.

Please email us at [email protected] if we missed you, or feel free to add a comment in the comments section below. This is just the beginning of a man-made 'data science' list that we want to grow over time. All…


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Data Scientists: Skills Mix, Team Makeup

We have published many articles on this subject, for instance:


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