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12 Signs To Identify A Data Driven Culture

Originally posted by Avinash Kaushik - the Google data science evangelist. The list below shows 8 of them.

#12: Almost all reporting is off custom reports.

#11: Close to zero aggregated analysis exists, everything's…


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180 leading data science, big data and analytics bloggers

These authors are leading bloggers on various niche data science and big data publisher websites. Very few of these bloggers are posting on more than one website. 

The authors below are displayed in a totally random order. 

  1. Kevin Casey - Instructor, Duke…

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43 Data Science Thought Leaders, According to Berkeley University

This is not a comprehensive list. Their data science lab was conducting a survey about defining big data. They asked many leading practitioners to provide a definition earlier this month, below are those who accepted / found the time to respond. The order in the Berkeley list below is random, I believe. 

Source for picture: …


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Top LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science

Interesting article recently posted here, where the DSC top LinkedIn group is listed as #1 (it is now approaching 200,000 members). 

Here are the 10 largest groups (by membership as of Mar 30, 2015), and their growth…


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Data scientist paid $500k can barely code!

This is not about attacking a guy - a friend of mine - who, at first glance, seems extremely overpaid, like any top executive. Indeed, the question is about whether data scientists should be coders (spending 50% to 100% of their time writing code) or not.

I believe the answer is negative. There are…


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