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The spectacular growth of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, and AI

Here are a few fields that are experiencing tremendous growth. The links below provide hundreds of popular articles recently published about these topics.


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Top tech skills with $130K+ salary are data science related

Business Insider analyzed tech skills posted in job ads found on Dice.com. Below are the 6 data science skills found in the top 10, in terms of salary. This is in accordance with a previous study, performed using Glassdoor data (instead of Dice) to conclude that data scientist is the most promising job in 2016

  • MapReduce is a programming…

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Spurious correlations: 15 examples

Sometimes a correlation means absolutely nothing, and is purely accidental (especially when you compute millions of correlations among thousands of variables) or it can be explained by confounding factors. For instance, the fact that the cost of electricity is correlated to how much people spend on education, is  explained by a confounding factor:…


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10 Famous Machine Learning Experts

Unlike most other lists of top experts, this one is a hand-picked selection, not based on influence or Klout scores, or the number of Twitter followers and re-tweets, or other similar metrics. Each of these experts has his/her own Wikipedia page. Some might not even have a Twitter account. All of them have had a very strong academic and research career in the most prestigious…


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50 big data companies that collectively received $9 billion in funding

The following 50 companies received each between $77 MM and $1,200 MM in funding, for a grand total of nearly $9 billion when aggregated. We scraped Yahoo Finance, press releases, Wikipedia, and other sources to gather this data. If you include all big data companies with at least $10 MM in funding, the grand total is about $18 billion.

Of course, this is a typical example of a Zipf…


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Top 20 Big Data Experts to Follow (Includes Scoring Algorithm)

This article has two parts: 

  • Listing the top 20 experts, along with their Twitter handle, rank in reverse order, number of Twitter followers, and Klout score. We hope to soon see a woman among the top 10.The top woman is currently #11.
  • Discussing a robust methodology to score experts

Source for…


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50 Questions to Test True Data Science Knowledge

This was the subject of a popular discussion recently posted on Quora: 20 questions to detect a fake data scientist. We asked our own data scientist, and he came up with a very different set of questions: compare his answer (#1 below - 20 questions) with Quora replies (#2 and #3 below - 30 questions). Note that #2 focuses on statistics, and #3 on architecture. The link to the original Quora…


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