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Introducing Analytics To A Product

With more and more people getting conversant in analytics, its demand in every field becoming more pronounced. Product is no different. It is almost inevitable to introduce analytics in some format or other in the products you own. However, before you open the gates to this world of magic, there are three questions you should try answering.…


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The other key slide of your quarterly analysis

Profit analysis is an integral part of analysis drills, which are conducted at regular frequency. Both finance and marketing departments are equally engaged in this activity — though both have a different approach to it. Variance…


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Data scientists, you can’t not-know APIs & Dockers

We must have read tons of literature on developing analytics models and finding information/insights out of data blob. Majorly this activity can run stand alone on your system, without any compulsion to interact with other machine. But, as the businesses are facing ever rising competition, the surmounting cost of maintaining engagement and the negative slope of realized profits, productization is not any buzz-word which is yet to see the light of day. It is happening and it is here to stay.…


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Break That Data

Even though processing and storage have become cheap and enterprises are adopting high performance analytics infrastructure, still in majority of cases the analytics study is constrained by local system. Multiple scenarios like working on a proof-of-concept in a small enterprise which can’t afford investing on heavy analytics infra, academic projects, hobby projects… the list goes on and the common factor here is system constraints.

Though we can’t escape the scenarios where we are…


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Calculating Price Elasticity Through KNIME

As per Wikipedia, Price Elasticity of Demand (PED or ED or PE) is a measure used in economics to show the responsiveness, or change, of the quantity demanded of a good or service to a change in its price when nothing but the price changes. In more precise business terms, it helps in finding those products which have their sales more/less susceptible to price changes. As we know, the demand is inversely proportional to price, it is quite imperative to know this information for…


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Optimized Deal Placement

Optimized Promotion Placement


The promotions page on any website during an offer period, may it be Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday or even Ester has tons of products scattered across the page. There could be multiple business rules governing the position of the products. Couple of…


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Leveraging Fuzzy String Matching In Competitive Intelligence

Product comparison is one of the crucial aspects of competitive intelligence (CI). There are two modes of  product comparison:

  1. Comparison of own product price across multiple channels
  2. Comparison of own product price with suitable competitor product

But, the greatest challenge in this journey is how to get the correct…


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Partner With Your Analyst

In today’s extreme competition, no brand can survive with the myopic view of itself or the competition. A missed trend or fault in prediction of future course of events could prove a blow that the business might not be able to overcome. Further options like angry investors, lost confidence of market, downward spiral of sentiments and ultimately, acquisition can’t be ruled out.

To avoid this grim story, businesses employ or outsource Analytics & Insights (A&I) services, to…


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5 Questions To Ask When You Get A Data Dump To Analyse

As an analyst, our first reaction when we get the data to analyse is to ask an ETA. Then we plan to attack the data left-right-centre and crush the maximum juice out of it with an exhaustive list of analysis techniques.

Oh dear, we got it all wrong!

This approach might get 50 slides to present the analysis but would miss on the most crucial aspect of any analytics engagement: a buy-in from the business folks. Because, since the start, the target of the whole analysis was data,…


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Where There Are Numbers, There Is Box Plot

Multiple numeric columns in data and even more techniques at hand to analyse the data, like histograms, ANOVA, mean/median, contingency tables, scatter plots, variance…what to choose for exploratory or descriptive analytics!

Sounds a bit geeky! Let me simplify

This is an everyday scenario faced by an analyst. There are too many numbers and challenge is to communicate the scenario to business folks. Whether its competitive analysis, internal sales analysis,…


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