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Common Technical Characteristics of Some Major Stock Market Corrections

In this blog, I will be covering some charts based on the technical data of three major stock market corrections: the Crash of 1987, Dot-com Correction of 2000, and the Great Crash of 1929.  By technical data, I mean that the charts are produced using stock market prices.  More than a month ago, I wrote about opening my first stock trading account in 1987; this is the same year I was hired for my first regular full-time job.  I worked as a store clerk on Bay…


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Risk Avoidance Spectrum and Character Types

Ever since I started following stocks again, I have been preoccupied with developing a "game plan" to help prevent me from making emotional investment decisions.  Plans can be improved.  What I have come up with so far is a stress avoidance model to study how different character types might perform in relation to the market.  Since quite a number of investors are actually algorithms - and many trades are algorithmically triggered - the concept of stress needs…


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Studying Risk-based Algomorphology Using Thunderbird Charts

I recently wrote about a stock trading approach that I call skipjack: it allows the user to trade directly from special charts by exploiting skipjack waveforms and formations.  I mentioned that I use an application - a simulation environment - to trade from these charts.  Below I present a screenshot of SimTactics, the application that I created to support this simulated trading.  To the right is a notepad containing four trades generated by an autopilot…


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Nearly 33 Years Later, Nobody Knows What Triggered the Crash of 1987

I opened my first stock trading account shortly after I landed my first full-time job in 1987 - the same year as the great stock market crash - also known as Horrible Monday.  (I renamed Black Monday in keeping with the times.)  I dropped out of university to "find myself."  It seemed so easy working at an office-supplies retailer: putting supplies in the stockroom; filling the store shelves with merchandise; and handling the cash register.  It all made sense,…


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